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BTC Audio Valsier Standalone VSTi 1.0.1

16-11-2009, 11:05. Разместил: oplya24

BTC Audio Valsier Standalone VSTi 1.0.1


Неплохой бас синт с секвенсором и эффектами.
Valsier is an easy to use yet powerful bassline synthesizer. With graphical multi-stage envelopes, two variable state filters, a 16 part step sequenced filter LFO and a stereo chorus effect alongside drive units routed directly after the oscillators, Valsier is capable of creating dynamic, powerful and variable bass sounds whilst maintaining richness and depth with its dedicated sub OSC.

* Two multi-OSCs.
* Dedicated sub OSC.
* Separate drive units on the OSCs (pre-filter) and master (post-filter).
* Multi stage graphical envelopes.
* Two multi-mode 12db/oct. filters with pitch tracking.
* Filter 1: 16 part step sequenced LFO with live smoothing and templates; dry / wet mixing.
* Filter 2: multi stage graphical envelope.
* Stereo chorus effect.
* Reverb effect.
* Program manager with 30 pre-programmed patches.
* Full host automation.

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